On request
Microsoft Copilot for Security Workshop
On request
Microsoft Copilot for Security Workshop

Learn how generative AI with Microsoft's Copilot for Security can enhance your company's IT security. Our workshop includes two three-hour sessions that provide a comprehensive introduction and practical guidance on implementing this technology.


  • Deep understanding of generative AI and its integration into your security strategy
  • Integration of Copilot for Security with your existing Microsoft 365 Defender products
  • Customization of the solution to meet the specific needs of your company
  • Technical capabilities and use of plugins, APIs, and an expanded language model
  • Understanding different personas such as CISOs, SOC analysts, and end users
  • Setting up an effective prompt book for your company
  • Designing attention-grabbing campaigns for security education

* Note: The requirement for a funded sponsorship is that Microsoft recognizes the company as qualified.

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