Sponsored by Microsoft *
On request
Sponsored by Microsoft *
On request

As one of the few MXDR partners worldwide, we offer a Microsoft-sponsored MXDR workshop: In your environment, we conduct a time-limited proof-of-concept of our CSOC service.


  • 24/7 monitoring of all connected assets
  • 24/7 detailed and qualified analysis, hunting and evaluation of incidents
  • 24/7 incident response based on Microsoft Sentinel playbooks and the IR capabilities in the Defender products
  • Monitoring of the threat landscape and development of use cases for emerging threats
  • Continuous improvement of use cases (analytic rules and custom detections)
  • Active, non-incidental searches conducted on a regular basis by our dedicated threat experts
  • Automated provision of analysis rules for our customers
  • High quality security reports

* Note: The requirement for a funded sponsorship is that Microsoft recognizes the company as eligible.

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