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Solutions with quality and gold status from glueckkanja AG

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Solutions with quality and gold status from glueckkanja AG

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100% Cloud
Who would have thought that digitization in Germany would pick up speed so quickly? With our cloud-only approach and our high quality, we are ideally positioned to offer SMEs and international big players perfect solutions in the area of standardized managed services and SaaS. For example, we are already the first Microsoft partner in Europe to be able to deliver a Microsoft Managed Workplace as a future standard model. The result: satisfied customers, a well-functioning growth strategy and a steadily growing market reputation, which is an important success factor for us in recruiting innovative thought leaders.
Management & Führungskultur
100% Team Spirit
glueckkanja is led by an experienced management team. The different backgrounds of experience in each case lead to ever new impulses and thus ensure diversity and great product innovations. When it comes to the culture and work at glueckkanja, we have a very simple philosophy: together is best. That's why we place the greatest value on open communication and a friendly exchange without hierarchy nonsense. This is also reflected in our kununu employer rating of 4.7 out of 5 (as of April 2022) and a recommendation rate of 100%.

Christian Kanja (CEO), Michael Breither (COO), Christoph Fausak (Products Lead), Andreas Hoetzinger (Consulting Lead), Florian Klante (Project Delivery Lead), Felix Storm (Technology Lead)

Supervisory Board: Stefan Fritz (Vorsitzender),
Klaus Weinmann, Harald Glueck




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ISG Provider Lens
Microsoft Partner
The driving factor is the combination of managed services and own technologies and solutions, especially with the management platform RealmJoin, which significantly extends Microsoft Intune, the Cloud Security Operations Center, which integrates all Microsoft security products as a service offering, and the Azure Foundation, which provides a collection of Azure Landing Zone architectures and best practices from many successfully implemented projects. For the highly efficient provision of cloud-based standard workstations made possible by this, the company won the Top 100 Innovator Award in addition to Microsoft awards.
Our consulting services focus on the most important topics for our customers: Modern Workplace, Azure Datacenter, Transformation Services and DevOps. You will work hand-in-hand with our experts, who will show you the best practices and guidelines for a successful implementation. With our deep technical expertise, we ensure your cloud environment is efficient, secure, and powerful.
Benefit from our Managed Services for Microsoft 365, Azure and Cloud Security: We support you around the clock and ensure with our services that your cloud infrastructure is reliably available and taken care of. In addition, the CSOC Managed Service provides regular security reports with insights on potential areas for improvement and guarantees fast 24x7 response times for all types of security incidents.
glueckkanja builds innovative digital solutions to complement Microsoft products and technologies, which make the implementation of complete cloud migrations even possible. In RealmJoin you will find an efficient software distribution of complex Windows applications. With Konnekt you can fully map the exchange of existing file servers. Via SCEPman, certificates are distributed to end devices quickly and easily.