You know the type: Germans who tiptoe out of their room early in the morning to reserve the best lounge chairs at the pool (even before the Brits!). Who wear white tennis socks with their sandals. Who drink Sangria out of buckets with straws. Who say 'Pa-ELLA' instead of 'Pa-E-ya' (and 'Ma–LLOR-ca' instead of 'Ma-YOR-ca').

We apologize on behalf of all the Germans that have descended on your country in the past. We promise we are different: Efficient, reliable, and fond of German engineering!

glueckkanja launches its first office in Spain

Since the beginning of the year, we have also launched a glueckkanja office in Madrid at Calle de Goya 36 in the Salamanca district, not far from the Basilica de la Concepción de Nuestra Señora and the city’s bustling center.

From Spain’s capital, we offer our extensive expertise in cybersecurity to companies across the entire Iberian Peninsula. As one of Microsoft’s key global partners and as a partner of Microsoft Spain, we offer security solutions, such as CSOC or AzERE, as individually tailored packages that integrate seamlessly into existing processes. This strategy not only provides comfort to our customers and creates practical synergies in implementation but is particularly promising in Spain, one of the world’s countries that is hardest hit by cyberattacks.

German engineering with Spanish passion

Our style is just as efficient (typically German!) as it is unique. The Security Operations Center is delivered directly by our German team. Our analysis and consultation are contain the right dose of Spanish passion and a deep understanding of business practices on the Iberian pensinsula.

Feel free to visit us at Calle de Goya. We would be happy to chat with you about our cybersecurity portfolio. In Spanish, English or German – as you prefer!