Consultant M365 Architecture | Deggendorf
Philipp Uminger

I wanted a reorientation and development towards the "new world", away from "on premises" and towards cloud-based working. It was a great opportunity to join one of the leading companies in this field. So I jumped at the chance, spent a few months learning the ropes and after 6 months I was able to work on my first projects.

That's why I chose glueckkanja

In my areas of responsibility, I have the freedom to do what I have thought of for the customer. No one dictates a certain approach to me, and the solutions are at most scrutinized to make them even better. What also makes working for us so special is that I'm involved in the entire value chain myself - customer meetings, needs assessment, advising the customer, finding solutions, technical realization and implementation - all from a single source. It's a great mix, and when it comes to technical implementation, I also call in colleagues who specialize in certain areas if it's necessary and makes sense. Together, we get the best out of it for the customer.

Everyone is open and helpful. Colleagues always have an open ear and take the time to help you. None of the offers I keep getting from other companies can keep up with this team spirit, the solidarity and the trusting, free, self-determined work!

What I appreciate about our corporate culture

We as employees are not a small cog in a large corporation, but each of us is seen individually and makes our contribution.

This is what motivates me about my work at glueckkanja

What motivates me most are joint successes with the team and good feedback from the customer. For example, when we were able to support the customer in their development and they thank us for mastering the transformation to the cloud so well.

And what ends up in the account at the end of the month is of course also important.

My tip for your start with us

In my opinion, the most important thing is that you manage to come out of your shell and not wait for everything to be chewed up for you.

It's important to approach your colleagues and take in everything you see and hear. Everyone is very helpful and open, you just have to say what you need. We often support each other in the form of mentoring. You always make time if someone asks for support or wants to be shown something.

What do you do in your free time?

I do a lot of sport to balance things out, especially Crossfit, and like to go hiking in the mountains.

And of course, a bit of gaming and nerd stuff is also a must 😉 – for me, it's all about the mix.