Consultant & Cloud Security Architect | Offenbach
Nadine Kern

I have a hybrid role – as a Cloud Architect I mainly advise and implement M365 security solutions for customers and as a Technical Account Manager I work in our Cloud Security Operations Center. My focus is therefore on cloud security.

That's why I chose glueckkanja

I was originally on the customer side and worked with colleagues in the company on the Future Workplace. You could just tell when the GKGAB people came: They're cool people, they enjoy their work, they're super upbeat and they deal with the latest technological developments. That also convinced me that I could work with the latest technology at glueckkanja and concentrate on what I enjoy and what I'm good at professionally - and that's primarily cloud security. Secondly, I was very impressed by the team spirit that Christian and Michael conveyed in the interview and that I had already experienced in the project. I didn't have to think twice and made the switch.

What I appreciate about our corporate culture

Of course, the collegiality, no matter which area you work in. You can always turn to someone and get help. And we really enjoy working as a team! No one sits alone at the customer's and disappears from the scene, but we prefer to work together, no matter where each of us is based, whether in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Offenbach, Deggendorf, Spain, Finland or elsewhere. What also makes the work so unique is the fact that every day brings something new. Every day is different and always fun!

This is what motivates me about my work at glueckkanja

When the customer is happy and satisfied, gives me good feedback because I have convinced them of something and they have made progress as a result– then I go home feeling good. And I'm always happy when I discover new things, e.g. new functions that were previously missing and make everyday life easier.

My tip for your start with us

Just ask if something is unclear to you. We don't force everything into strict guidelines and structures, a lot of things just work freestyle.</p

We are used to asking each other questions and learning from each other. You always get an answer, support or we set out together to find a solution.

In addition, it is important to be patient at the beginning and let things come to you. Just settle in for the first few weeks and get to know as many colleagues as possible, then the projects will come your way quickly enough.

What do you do in your free time?

I like being on the move, going to the gym, hiking, motorcycling and discovering new things.