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Teams as an intelligent platform for chat-based collaboration have not been able to compete in telephony. Now the full power of Skype for Business as a mature communication, messaging and meeting platform, is being integrated into Teams, making Teams unbeatable in modern communication and collaboration. On this page you will learn the most important things about teams including telephony and how the transition from Skype to Teams is planned.

Microsoft Teams at a Glance

Far away but yet so close

Numerous collaboration tools such as chat, video telephony or co-authoring, have made it much easier to work in geographically dispersed teams. All this is bundled in Microsoft Teams. Spontaneous meetings, conversations in groups or with individuals, file upload and the shared notebook can be found in one and the same desktop app.

Communication is Key

The heart of Teams is chat and communication. You can bundle topics, team members, documents etc. in different channels, so that you don't lose track of important information from the chat. You can pin any content and collect it in your profile.

Same but also different

With all the variety of tools, it's good to know that in the end all the data is in the Office 365 Tenant. This puts you on the safe side when it comes to security and compliance. Teams are based on Office 365 Groups. The documents from teams can be found in groups as well as in the respective SharePoint Team Sites.

Digital Telephony

In mid-December 2017, comprehensive features such as call history, hold & continue, speed dial, call forwarding, caller identification, extension numbering, multiple call handling, simultaneous calls, voicemail and text telephony (TTY) were integrated into Teams. This means that Skype communication can already be easily transferred to Teams.

Phone System

The cloud-based enterprise communications from Microsoft, formerly known as Cloud PBX, enables internal communication via Office 365 and the Team App, without the need for the hardware of a classic PBX facility. Phone system is also the basic requirement for the use of telephony in Teams. This is included in the Office 365 E5 plan or available as an add-on.

Calling Plan

Based on Phone System for internal communication, the corresponding Calling Plan connects the company with national (Domestic Plan) or international (Domestic and International Plan) telephone numbers. Glück & Kanja has already successfully connected emergency numbers, fax lines, and service numbers.

Roadmap: Teams solves Skype for Business

Q1 / 2018


Skype for Business

Teams today already offer comprehensive instant messaging capabilities with persistent chat as well as private 1:1 and group chat. Microsoft will provide additional team messaging capabilities by the end of the second quarter of 2018. Features include: desktop sharing during chat and federation between companies.

Q2 / 2018


Skype for Business

Teams already offers many meeting features such as storing meeting chats in the Team Channel. At the end of Q2 2018, additional features will be added, such as the use of Skype Room Systems with Teams and interoperability with third-party room conferencing systems.

Q4 / 2018


Skype for Business

Numerous telephone functions such as call list, hold, forward, simultaneous ringing, voicemail, etc. have been integrated into Teams in mid-December 2017. By mid-2018, existing Telco voice lines can be used to activate call services in Office 365.

Videos on this topic

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Wie moderne Kommunikationstools heute aussehen sollten und wie diese ohne Investitionen in eigene IT-Infrastrukturen realisierbar sind.

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Wie Office 365 Menschen einfach miteinander verbindet und dabei hilft, die Flut an Aufgaben besser zu bewältigen.

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Further Information andLinks

Glück & Kanja telefoniert aus der Cloud

Es ist vollbracht: seit dem 1. Dezember 2017 telefonieren wir bei Glück & Kanja nicht mehr über unseren herkömmlichen SIP-Trunk, sondern beziehen nun auch die Telefonie-Dienste über das Phone System direkt aus Office 365.

Skype wird Teams: Überblick & Roadmap

In unserer letzten Webcast Friday Aufzeichnung gingen wir auf die Neuerungen im Zusammenhang mit der Ablösung von Skype durch Teams ein. Hier bekommen Sie nochmal die wichtigsten Punkte zusammengefasst.

Microsoft Teams ersetzt Skype for Business

Wochenlange Gerüchte wurden nun bestätigt: We’re upgrading Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Das hat Microsoft gestern auf der Ignite-Konferenz in Orlando mitgeteilt. Microsoft Teams wird Skype for Business mittelfristig ablösen.



Als erste CEE Installation in Deutschland hat Glück & Kanja zusammen mit MANN+HUMMEL diese Funktion im Rahmen eines Preview Programms erfolgreich getestet und installiert. Dadurch können über 2000 Skype for Business Online Nutzer aus der Cloud mit einer lokalen TK-Anlage und Rufnummern aus dem eigenen Unternehmensbereich kommunizieren.

Our expertise for the successful implementation of Teams

Teams is the fastest collaboration solution on the market and proves Microsoft's new agility. Skype for Business was the most successful unified communication solution and has replaced PBXs, since 2010. Now both solutions are coming together. Benefit from our initial experience with German companies:

Change from Skype for Business to Teams

Workshops for changing a classic telephone system or from -Skype for Business- to Teams

  • Implementation of an Enterprise Voice Workshop
  • Solution strategies for the mapping of classic requirements
  • Transparency of costs
  • Creation of a system architecture based on Skype for business and Teams
  • Concepts for the transition also in worldwide locations
  • Rollout of the solution and accompanying measures (trainings, project management)
  • Concepts for long-term support of the solution

Consulting & Implementation

Operation of pilot facilities or PoC installations

  • Planning Workshop for Teams
  • Consulting for the introduction of teams as a global collaboration solution
  • Set up Teams and Office 365
  • Provision of fixed-line telephony access
  • Inclusion of management works council and user groups
  • Creation of concepts for a successful rollout and trainings
  • Recommendations for licensing and use within Office 365

Benefits with Teams

Combine the benefits of Teams with the proven value of Skype for Business

  • A tool for teamwork that summarizes all functions
  • Also available as mobile app and on the Web
  • Security through certification
  • Transparency in the phase plan, deliver and operate
  • Flexible provisioning of licenses
  • Comprehensive documentation

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