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International cooperation and modern employees make mobile working on-the- go indispensable. EMS contains everything that is important for your corporate security and the administration of mobile devices and apps. Office 365 customers receive this as a cost-effective service from the cloud.

EMS at a Glance

Mobile Just as Productive as in the Workplace

Provide your employees with local applications, apps, and data with easy-to-use single sign-on authentication, device-independent. Even on external devices such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios, you can protect company data and apps in a manageable environment.

Security that Continues Regardless of Time

The use and appearance of mobile devices will continue to rise rapidly. The same applies to the quantity and extent of security risks. As a result, EMS is constantly being further developed by Microsoft, the EMS partner Eco System, and by experienced consulting firms such as Glück & Kanja with dedicated experts on board.

Information Protection

Information Protection guarantees data security on mobile devices, while more and more data is stored in the cloud. IT has numerous settings available for document protection and classification. The integration into the Office Apps makes it easy to use and does not interfere with the workflow.

Identity & Access Management

With Azure AD Premium, employees can reset passwords themselves, have single sign-on for SAAS apps, group-based deployment, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, and comprehensive security reporting, even for their personal devices. We at Glück & Kanja know the standard technologies as well as the cloud solutions.

Mobile Device Management

Microsoft Intune provides application management via mobile devices, support, and security. Mobile Device Management also provides Secure Content Viewers, Certificate Provisioning, and System Center Integration. We are happy to support you in the comparison and business case analysis of Intune and third-party solutions.

Behaviour Based Threat Analytics

The latest component of the Enterprise Mobility Suite is "Behavior based Threat Analytics". This intelligent technology adapts to constantly changing threats to IT security by analyzing user behavior, helping you identify attacks on your IT infrastructure.

Weitere Informationen

Glück & Kanja ist Microsoft Partner of the Year 2017

Glück & Kanja Consulting AG, eines der führenden deutschen IT-Unternehmen im Bereich Communications & Cloud, wird in diesem Jahr mit dem Partner of the Year Award ausgezeichnet.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 Plan

Microsoft hat seinen neuen E5 Plan für EMS vorgestellt. Im Sommer wurde bereits die Umbenennung von Enterprise Mobility Suite in Enterprise Mobility + Security bekannt gegeben.

Microsoft Overview | Enterprise Mobility + Security

Benutzerorientierte Innovationen gewährleisten Sicherheit und Produktivität für Ihre Apps und Geräte. Erfahren Sie, wie Unternehmen bereits Enterprise Mobility + Security erfolgreich einsetzen.

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Glück & Kanja zählt zu den deutschlandweit erfolgreichsten Cloud-Partnern von Microsoft und unterstützt viele namhafte Kunden, Office 365 und Azure erfolgreich einzuführen. Durch die ständige Weiterqualifikation unserer Mitarbeiter bis hin zum Microsoft Certified Solution Master und die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft stellen wir ein Höchstmaß an Kompetenz in Deutschland sicher.

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