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With Azure Infrastructure as a Service, you host your servers, storage, networking and virtualization in the Microsoft cloud. Azure is a place for bold words like simple, fast, scalable and secure. We have seen that Azure keeps these promises in numerous customer projects and in our own company. We will help you with the evaluation and all questions in connection with your existing infrastructure.

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Azure Fundamentals Workshop

In our Azure Fundamentals Workshop we give you an overview of the different Microsoft Azure components. You will work in an Azure Test Tenant equipped with the Glück & Kanja Blueprint. After the workshop you will know the basics of the Microsoft Azure technologies and will be able to set up your productive Tenant cleanly and choose the optimal configuration for your company. Get a first impression in our Webcast on this topic. Get to know the potential of Azure. Sign up for our workshop today an.

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IaaS at a Glance

Low cost

Since IaaS avoids the upfront costs of setting up and managing a local data center, it is an economical option for startups and companies looking to test new ideas.

Higher Security

If you sign a service agreement, a cloud service provider can implement security features for your applications and data that may provide better protection than your internal solutions.

Faster Innovation

Once you've decided to launch a new product or initiative, the computing infrastructure you need can be available in hours or even minutes. So you no longer have to plan several days, weeks, or even months for such an infrastructure to be deployed internally.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud-Computing-Plattform und -Dienste

Microsoft Azure ist eine offene, flexible Cloud Computing-Plattform für Unternehmen. Mit IaaS und PaaS agieren Sie schneller, erledigen Ihre Aufgaben effizienter und reduzieren Ihre Kosten.

Videos zum Thema

Azure Fundamentals

Unsere Azure Experten geben einen Überblick über die Architektur von Azure Subscriptions, Resource Groups und Naming.

  • Tobias Felies, Jochen Fröhlich
  • 04/2018

Azure Information Protection

Der wirksame Schutz von Unternehmensinformationen wird mit einer Einführung von Cloud-Diensten immer wichtiger.

  • Christoph Hannebauer, Michael Breither
  • 09/2017

Infrastructure as a Service

Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie man in diesem modernen Arbeitsumfeld, Server und Dienste managed und welche Flexibilität Sie dabei gewinnen.

  • Jan Geisbauer, Jochen Fröhlich
  • 03/2017

AAD - Your Identities in the Cloud

Unsere Experten stellen das Azure Active Directory aus der Projektpraxis heraus vor, mit dem Fokus auf den neuen Funktionen.

  • Jan Geisbauer, Karsten Kleinschmidt
  • 07/2016

ExpressRoute – Your Highway to the Cloud

Ist ExpressRoute die Garantie für gesicherte und performante Verbindungen in die Microsoft-Rechenzentren?

  • Karsten Kleinschmidt, Jan Geisbauer
  • 07/2016

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