Azure Active Directory

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Azure Active Directory
for Cloud Identity and Access Management

All applications and resources in your data center depend on a centralized identity management system. With Azure Active Directory, it can organize and effectively protect your IT department while your employees benefit from single sign-on and self-service application access.

Identity Device Management

Azure Active Directory at a Glance

Directory and Identity Management from the Cloud


Azure Active Directory (ADD) is the foundation for Office 365 services and a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to give employees and partners access to applications using Single Sign-On (SOS). You can delegate important tasks such as resetting passwords or creating groups to your employees, thus increasing security and reducing costs.

More Security from the Cloud


Compared to Windows Active Directory, AAD provides additional identity management tools such as multifactor authentication, role-based access management, comprehensive audit capabilities, self-service password and group management, security monitoring, and alerts. AAD enables secure access to local Web applications from anywhere.

Hybrids Don't Have to be Complicated


Azure AD Connect integrates your on-premise directories with Azure AD. With one identity, your employees can access Office 365, Azure and SaaS as well as other local applications. Employees can access these services whether they use an iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows device.

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Glück & Kanja Webcasts on Azure in German

Infrastructure as a Service

Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie man in diesem modernen Arbeitsumfeld, Server und Dienste managed und welche Flexibilität Sie dabei gewinnen.

  • Jan Geisbauer, Jochen Fröhlich
  • 03/2017

Azure ExpressRoute

Ist ExpressRoute die Garantie für gesicherte und performante Verbindungen in die Microsoft-Rechenzentren?

  • Karsten Kleinschmidt, Jan Geisbauer
  • 07/2016

Azure Active Directory

AAD Join, Domain Joined Devices per GPO im AD registrieren, Authentifizierung, Multi-Factor-Authentication, Conditional Access.

  • Jan Geisbauer, Karsten Kleinschmidt
  • 07/2016

Questions and Answers about Azure

You get all the new features in combination with the released Office 2016 applications. Microsoft is expanding its existing productivity solutions to include telephony functions from the cloud as well as comprehensive data and compliance functions for companies. The previous E3 Plan will be extended by security features and the possibility to hold large web conferences (Skype Meeting Broadcast). With E5 further features are added:

  • Skype for Business Features: Phone System, Audio Conferencing, direct calls to the public telephone network (Calling Plan, available as an ad-on in Germany since November 1, 2017.
  • Analytic Features: Power BI, Delve Organizational Analytics
  • Security Features: eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Safe Attachments

E4 customers receive upgrade options to E5 or E3 with Phone System or can upgrade to E3 with Skype for Business Plus CAL. Office 365 customers receive the E5 Plan with a step-up license, for Office. On-Premise customers with Software Assurance add-on SKUs are offered.

We would be pleased to make you an offer for E5. Also all other plans and options are of course purchasable through Glück & Kanja as a Gold Cloud E5 Plan and can be upgraded from your current version. We at Glück & Kanja are also implementing the Phone System at a German industrial company. We are pleased about your inquiry to these topics. You can find our contact information below.

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