Preventive Services

Knowing attack targets, ensuring optimal protection

We have developed an innovative model in which we preventively ask our customers relevant questions that normally only arise in critical situations. This enables better preparation and more efficient problem solving in the event of an emergency.
We develop an emergency communications infrastructure that is ready to go if authentication systems, team communications, or email services fail.
We combine emergency preparation with audits: Using tools, we identify attack vectors (whether cloud or on-premises) and expose potential risks.
With innovative recommendations, we cut off attack paths through optimized configurations and deploy effective mitigations, minimizing the chance for emergencies and keeping customers' business running.
Our experts are among the most experienced specialists in their field. With the help of powerful Microsoft tools, they are able to guide customers quickly and securely back to production in the event of an emergency. The insights gained from these emergency operations are continuously integrated into our Preventive Services, enabling us to proactively protect our customers from potential crises.
Jan Geisbauer
In most of our emergency operations, we repeatedly find that the IT was not well enough prepared for attacks. A proactive security check is therefore an efficient investment in more security to reduce downtime.
Jan Geisbauer Cyber Security Lead