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With AVD you can work flexibly from anywhere.

Working digitally - it's easy

Azure Virtual Desktop

With AVD you can work flexibly from anywhere.

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Your alternative to CITRIX
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution built on the latest Windows platform and designed specifically for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Uncompromisingly modern and without OnPremises legacy, Microsoft has continued to expand the domain traditionally occupied by Citrix, offering itself as the much stronger and more modern alternative. All employees can access AVD targeted applications and desktops from anywhere in the world. This ensures secure and reliable access to the customer's business environment while being cost-effective and less time-consuming. Best of all, if your company already has a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license, your company is qualified to use AVD.
Client Stories
Efficient implementation of the DEKRA Cloud First Journey with DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Azure Virtual Desktop is particularly suitable for deploying workplaces to users who are not already equipped with a Modern Workplace. In particular, external service providers, temporary employees, replacement workstations during outages, or rapid integration of acquisitions can be significantly accelerated and simplified with AVD without compromising the security and operation of the Microsoft 365 Modern Infrastructure.

When moving to a Modern Workplace architecture with Windows and cloud management, deploying legacy applications or complex, on premises client-server applications often involves effort and cost. Azure Virtual Desktop can be a secure and efficient methodology here as an alternative deployment technology for these applications. This can result in significant cost savings, precisely because it also eliminates the need for additional bridging technologies such as VPN, for example.

In the future, glueckkanja can provide you with a standardized and highly automated Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that implements our blueprint for building a privileged access strategy. This environment, with several optional components, can secure and make fully auditable access to administrative and privileged resources and systems in the enterprise using state-of-the-art techniques.

  • Envisioning Workshop
    Envisioning Workshop
    • AVD Architecture
    • Roadmap Implementation
    • Licensing
    • Evaluation of users & apps (limited to 3-5 apps)
    • Requirements & governance
    • Review of current Azure footprint
    • Concept PowerPoint
  • Pilot Implementation
    Pilot Implementation
    • Pilot AVD Implementierung
    • Manual setup of a multisession image with 3 business applications
    • Setup based on best practices for AVD Security & Networking
    • Standard AVD Policies (GPOs)
    • Automatic AVD downscaling
    • Ideal for testing experience and performance
  • Roadmap to Production
    Roadmap to Production
    • Roadmap to productive use
    • Presentation of pilot and test results
    • Review of additional business applications
    • Process discussion on:
      • Updates (OS & Apps)
      • Monitoring
      • Printing
  • Production Implementation
    Production Implementation
    • Extension of the AVD implementation
      with the Azure Foundation
    • High Performance Profile (optional)
    • Implementation of our best practices for:
      • Updating (OS & Apps)
      • Monitoring
      • Load balancing & scaling
      • High Availability & Recovery
      • Customized Azure networking
    • Cloud based printing
  • Operations or Managed Services
    Operations or Managed Services
    • Standard operating procedures
      • Recurring tasks
      • Monitoring
      • Scaling
      • Image Management
      • Security Management
      • Other operational tasks
      • Troubleshooting
    • Final Review & Optimization
    • Documentation
    • User Adoption
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