When the RSA Conference opens its doors from May 6 to 9, 2024, the glueckkanja team around CEO Christian Kanja and Security Lead Jan Geisbauer will be there again. This year, we will be taking a closer look at the new Microsoft Copilot for Security.

glueckkanja @ RSA Conference

For over three decades, the RSA Conference has been a key force in the cybersecurity community. In a world where threats from attacks are growing every day, this conference has become essential for anyone dealing with online security. The well-known conference is always held in sunny California, and glueckkanja is once again participating.

As a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an association of important security partners of Microsoft, we share the common goal of developing top-notch security solutions and protecting customers from threats.

AI in focus of the RSA Conference 2024

This year, Microsoft is focusing the conference program entirely on Copilot for Security, the innovative AI solution designed to help security and IT experts identify undetected risks.

This is an exciting topic in the current discussion, which our Security Lead, Jan Geisbauer, is eager to engage with. In his session at the Microsoft booth (May 7, 17:30 - 17:50) during the RSA Conference, he will introduce this new technology, explore its capabilities, but also address its current limitations. We have summarized the key points here.

Microsoft Copilot for Security for Threat Detection

For a long time, risk detection depended on what’s known as ‘signature-based detection’—a method that identifies threats based on recognized patterns. However, as the threat landscape continues to change and attackers constantly adapt their strategies, this approach alone is no longer sufficient for protection. The next advancement in security technology involves leveraging big data for threat detection. Modern software solutions automatically analyze extensive data sets to detect patterns and potential risks. Nonetheless, to effectively minimize false positives, the expertise of trained specialists is essential. Given the vast amounts of data that need to be processed, this demands significant resources. This is exactly where Microsoft Copilot for Security steps in with innovative solutions designed to support security teams and enhance protection.

In addition to summaries of the most important facts about data security incidents with suggested solutions, Copilot for Security can also respond to prompts about cybersecurity and your own systems. The tool additionally manages more complex tasks, such as crafting your own KQL queries to pull specific security data. One particularly useful feature is script analysis, which greatly accelerates the examination of suspicious scripts and command lines.

A screenshot of the script analysis function of Copilot for Security from Microsoft

Add Copilot for Security to Your System

Like any Large Language Model (LLM), Copilot for Security still requires the careful oversight of experts. However, particularly when analyzing raw data, Copilot for Security proves to be a potent tool that enables customers and Microsoft Security Service Providers (MSSP) to make quicker and more informed decisions.

At glueckkanja, we consider it our mission to constantly improve and find new, innovative ways to protect our customers from the increasing digital threats of everyday life. We therefore recommend that our customers incorporate Copilot for Security into their systems, and we are eager to assist them in planning, implementing, and utilizing the tool.