Have you ever heard about Konrad Zuse's desk? Do you know what it looks like? How big it is? Whether it's made of wood, metal, or steel? Oval or rectangular? No? Never? Don't worry: neither have we. And there's a good reason for that: it simply doesn't matter where or in what environment you have your brilliant ideas – the only thing that counts is the quality of those ideas.

Because the What Matters More Than the Where

At glueckkanja, you can continue to work multimobil.

Unlike many IT firms, you can continue to work as flexibly here as you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Beyond simply delivering better results, we believe there are numerous other arguments for home office and multimobile working. Less stress, improved balance between work and family life, optimal work-life harmony, increased flexibility, and significantly more personal time—thanks to eliminated commutes—are just a few.

In fact, the Technical University of Darmstadt gathered some compelling findings from a survey conducted between December 2022 and March 2023. According to their data, over 75% of office workers are effective from home. 60% report being more successful and satisfied working from home. Furthermore, over 40% would consider resigning if they had to return to an office-only work environment.

This survey reaffirms our stance. Hence, we remain committed to our policy of flexible workplace choice. In doing so, we firmly oppose the current industry trend of reverting to rigid office policies with limited flexibility. If you’re also reluctant to follow this trend, we have something exciting for you: our open positions!

Here you’ll find flexible jobs with plenty of work-life balance: