Once again, glueckkanja has been confirmed as a leader in the sectors of 'Managed Services for Azure' and 'Microsoft 365 Services' for both the Midmarket and Large Enterprises categories in the ISG study. The report particularly highlights the company's innovative solutions that establish glueckkanja as a frontrunner for customers.

ISG once again honors glueckkanja

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, glueckkanja supports enterprises with comprehensive cloud solutions. As a leading IT service provider, it serves over 1,000 customers worldwide with its expertise — the experience and willingness to innovate make glueckkanja a valuable partner in the IT landscape. We are pleased to have been named a leader in our field by ISG Provider Lens™ once again for 2024.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Study 2024

The ISG Provider Lens™ offers companies a comprehensive tool for decision-making, providing insights into positioning, relationships, and go-to-market considerations. The “Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem” study evaluates providers based on their product portfolios and competitive edge in the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.

The evaluation matrix classifies vendors into four quadrants: Product Challenger, Contender, Market Challenger, and Leader. Leaders have a highly attractive product and service offering and a strong market and competitive position, which ensures both innovation and stability.

glueckkanja was recognized as a leader in four categories.

Managed Services for Azure — Large Enterprises

Managed Services for Azure - Large Enterprises

In Managed Services for Azure, glueckkanja stands out as a leader in cloud management with a focus on automation, standardization, and continuous optimization. The use of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for effective cloud strategy implementation is particularly noteworthy. According to ISG, the company has positioned itself as a future-oriented pioneer in Microsoft Cloud Management:

  • Focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC): glueckkanja uses IaC to provide efficient, fast and scalable cloud infrastructures. This methodology enables to define and manage infrastructures via automatable code scripts, resulting in significantly enhanced consistency and quality of cloud services. Adopting IaC over traditional scripting methods underlines glueckkanja’s modern approach to cloud management.
  • Integration with security and compliance standards: glueckkanja’s commitment to high security and compliance standards, including ISO 27001, positions it as a trusted partner for cloud services. Aligning with theMicrosoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected Framework forms the foundation for developing and optimizing customer-specific cloud strategies, creating a comprehensive framework for compliance with cloud management best practices.
  • Cloud Competence Center (CCC): By offering the Cloud Competence Center, glueckkanja emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to organizational needs. The CCC serves as a consulting and support platform for developing cloud strategies and promotes a culture of innovation.

Managed Services for Azure — Midmarket

Managed Services for Azure - Midmarket

As a recognized and leading German provider of Managed Services on the Azure platform, glueckkanja maintains its top position this year. The company introduces enterprise security standards to the midmarket and excels with fast, high-quality cloud management solutions:

  • Understanding SMEs: glueckkanja understands SMEs’ unique challenges and needs in cloud management. Leveraging code-based deployment (IaC) enables fast and efficient provision of cloud infrastructures tailored to SMEs’ requirements and resources. This methodology supports SMEs in scaling their IT infrastructures flexibly and cost-effectively.
  • High-level security and compliance standards: Especially for SMEs, where resources may be limited, partnering with a provider that meets the highest security and compliance requirements is imperative. glueckkanja attaches great importance to adhering to standards such as ISO 27001, follows frameworks such as the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and the Well- Architected Framework and even goes beyond them.
  • Consulting and continuous improvement: Through the Cloud Competence Center (CCC), glueckkanja specifically addresses the needs of midsize companies. The CCC offers specialized consulting and support in developing and implementing cloud strategies.

Microsoft 365 Services — Large Enterprises

Microsoft 365 Services - Large Enterprises

glueckkanja excels with efficient and secure services that standardize digitalization in large enterprises while considering individual compliance and governance requirements. In this regard, leading ISG analyst Axel Oppermann states, “glueckkanja stands out as a leading Microsoft security partner in Germany with innovative IT solutions aimed at optimizing and securing modern workplaces.”

  • Innovative workplace design: glueckkanja empowers users in their daily work and working environment by implementing managed workplaces that fully integrate Microsoft 365 and Identity Services. This service enables location-independent work with up-to-date software and always ensures security. It is available on both Windows and Apple systems.
  • Comprehensive cloud security: glueckkanja offers a comprehensive security solution from the cloud, using Entra ID and Windows Hello authentication technology on Windows Enterprise Clients, protected by Microsoft 365 Defender. Integrating Autopilot into Microsoft Intune, supplemented by RealmJoin, optimizes IT tasks and increases IT department productivity.
  • Pioneering in Windows 365 Cloud PC development and Microsoft 365 integration: The Windows 365 Cloud PC offers a pioneering solution that provides a complete Windows operating system from the cloud, combining Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 from a single source. This technology allows for rapid scaling and immediate operational readiness. Glueckkanja’s involvement in development and early-stage customer projects underlines its role as an innovative pioneer.

Microsoft 365 Services — Midmarket

Microsoft 365 Services - Midmarket

Specializing in modern workplace solutions and cloud infrastructures, glueckkanja effectively and securely supports mid-sized businesses in their digital transformation. The company emerges as a leader with its offerings of highly secure and efficient digital workplace solutions for the midmarket. Expertise in Managed Workplaces and innovative integrations set new standards:

  • A pioneer in security and digitalization: As a leading force in Microsoft security in Germany, glueckkanja prioritizes maximizing the benefits and efficiency of digital workplaces with Microsoft 365 and beyond for its customers. The company sets itself apart through comprehensive support and customized solutions tailored to midsize companies’ requirements. The focus is always on security, quality and speed.
  • Innovative cross-platform workplace design: glueckkanja promotes a modern working environment through Managed Workplaces and integrating Microsoft 365 and Identity Services. This enables efficient and secure working on Windows and Apple systems and increases employee flexibility and productivity.
  • Pioneering role in Windows 365 Cloud PC and integration with Microsoft 365: Windows 365 Cloud PC offers a pioneering solution, providing a complete Windows operating system from the cloud. In other words, Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 from a single source. This technology enables rapid scaling and immediate operational readiness. glueckkanja played a key role in its development and gained experience in customer projects at an early stage, which underlines its role as an innovative pioneer.