Oliver Kieselbach and Jan Geisbauer have been appointed **Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP)**. The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes outstanding technical expertise and achievements for the community. Once again, the extraordinary commitment and high level of competence of the two experts has proven itself.

Two MVPs for Glück & Kanja

Oliver Kieselbach is MVP for Enterprise Mobility for the second time in a row. As a cloud architect and consultant, Oliver specializes in the architecture, operation and deployment of Microsoft cloud infrastructure components. His contributions to the community can be found in his blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @okieselb.

Jan Geisbauer was awarded the Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management with focus on Enterprise Security for the first time. His blog “Modern Security in a Cloud World” can be found at https://emptydc.com/. Together with his colleague Marco Scheel, he also produces the Hairless in the Cloud podcast with its content about the Microsoft Cloud. You can follow him on Twitter at @janvonkirchheim.

We are happy that they are part of the Glück & Kanja team!