Glück & Kanja faces the challenge of allowing the teams of specialists to grow in a healthy way. Through active employer branding, we have managed to stand out from the crowd and recruit seven new employees in the first half of the year.

Seven new employees in the first half-year. We say Welcome

With the success of our 100% cloud strategy, we face the challenge of growing our teams in a healthy way. In the past it was not easy for us as an IT consulting company to make our company known on the job market. Many applicants told us that they came across Glück & Kanja rather by chance, as we were often not noticed in the multitude of job portals and lists of job offers. In autumn 2018 we started our “Desire for change?” campaign.

What was important to us? We knew that we had a lot to offer interested people: very exciting and future-oriented topics, an attractive working atmosphere with great people, and a relaxed and appreciative corporate culture. In the first step we therefore prepared picture worlds and texts on our career page in such a way that these advantages were clearly shown to advantage. We also decided to make our profiles on XING, and thus also on kununu, more attractive in order to actively promote our employer branding. In addition, we used social networks such as XING, LinkedIn and Twitter to make the classic job postings more visible.

In the subsequent interviews we received good feedback on our company presentation on kununu, especially on the ratings. Let me say it right away: We have no influence on the ratings! However, we have noticed that kununu is now often used by applicants to get a better picture of what it looks like behind the scenes of a company. Therefore we ask our new employees if they would give us an evaluation after the first months of settling in. We also ask candidates to evaluate us during the application process.

Employees in the kitchen

Our application procedure has been simple and clearly structured for many years: After a first contact has been established, we arrange a telephone interview of about one hour. This will clarify initial questions from both sides and we get to know each other better. We’ve always been on first-name terms with Glück & Kanja, as is customary between Microsoft and its partners. It is an important part of our company culture, and we only have positive experiences with it. After the telephone interview, we arrange a meeting at our office in Offenbach and make a decision as soon as possible. It is important to us that all candidates know what awaits them at the individual stations and what steps will follow until they actually start work and during the onboarding period.

It is often difficult to look into a company from the outside and assess whether it is really as good as it seems. Our numerous videos on YouTube have proven to be helpful. Since 2016, we have had our employees report on various topics in live webcast format. Through these clips, interested parties can get to know the topics, people and culture at Glück & Kanja directly. In addition, we provide a concrete picture of the topics in which applicants will be working in the future. Of course we also invite new employees to participate in the creation of blogs, magazine articles and webcasts.

Onboarding usually begins one month before the actual start date. It is important to us that new “GKlers” have the opportunity to get to know us a little beforehand and learn about the topics we are working on. All new employees have access to also our trainings. Some of them already took part in the training courses before their official start date. This enabled us to establish contact with colleagues and teams of specialists at an early stage. We are naturally very pleased about such a commitment.

Seven new employees in the last six months - we have never grown so fast in such a short time! Glück & Kanja welcomes all new colleagues. It is important to us that our new team members feel comfortable in our company and find their way around quickly and easily. Also in the second half of the year we would like to find many motivated people who are interested in creating cloud solutions with us. Talk to us!