The European Cloud Summit is happening May 14-16 in Wiesbaden, Germany. It’s a major gathering for anyone involved with cloud management. We at glueckkanja are excited to participate, share new ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations. Come find us at our booth or join us for an enlightening talk by Dr. Christoph Hannebauer.

glueckkanja @ Cloud Summit

These days, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. The new technology is no longer a futuristic idea, but something that can boost your company’s efficiency and proficiency in daily business – provided it is integrated properly into the infrastructure of the organization.

And that’s where the trouble often starts. Countless companies continue to rely on outdated technology, even the fax machine is still a much-used tool across Europe. 69% of leaders don’t have a clearly defined cloud strategy and 51% of organizations are still trying to understand their on-premises environments *.

Moving towards the future of cloud-management seems to be a steep climb for many companies. But it doesn’t have to be.

glueckkanja is your TechStack

The first step of integrating Microsoft Copilot into your company is realizing that AI is deeply dependent on massive amounts of data. For these tools to work, you need to develop a clear strategy on how this data is acquired, processed and used. This needs to happen efficiently and above all securely.

At glueckkanja, we specialize in cloud management with a focus on automation, standardization, and continuous optimization. To effectively implement a cloud strategy, we heavily rely on the use of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). As a long-term Microsoft partner, we offer comprehensive cloud solutions in a number of areas:

  • Workplace: We set the standard for speed, security and efficiency in Microsoft 365 rollouts across any scale with managed workplace solutions as well as our consulting services.
  • Azure: From ground zero to peak efficiency. Secure, standardize and optimize your infrastructure, processes and tools with our managed Azure and AVD Foundation.
  • Security: In our connected world, cybersecurity needs to be top priority for companies. As Europe’s leading MXDR partner for deploying and managing Defender and Sentinel, we help you to secure your digital environment.
  • Products: Enhance your Microsoft 365 power with our cloud-native companion products which improve collaboration, software management and network authentication – like our RADIUSaaS, which works great with Microsoft Cloud PKI and others.

You want to know more about what we can do for you? Visit us on the Cloud Summit!

glueckkanja at the European Cloud Summit 2024

From May 14th to May 16th, you can find us at booth 32-CD at the RheinMain CongressCenter, where the Cloud Summit is taking place. We’re looking forward to lots of exciting conversations with everyone dropping by our booth.

But of course, we’re also joining the conversation onstage with a session from Dr. Christoph Hannebauer, Senior Developer at glueckkanja. Christoph will talk about our products SCEP and RADIUS and tell you everything you’ll need to know to utilize both of them for your company. In the words of Christoph:

“Certificate-based authentication (CBA) can be used even when no internet is available. This makes it the ideal choice for network authentication. In my session, I will explain how to enroll certificates to modern workplaces and manage CBA with a cloud-only Certification Authority (CA) and RADIUS. This allows organizations to get rid of on-prem PKIs and NACs and reap the benefits of a cost-effective cloud architecture.”

Don’t miss the session on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 12 pm and feel free to catch up with Christoph and us after the session for all your remaining questions and thoughts.

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* Source: “State of the Cloud” Pluralsight Study June 2023